Thank you for your interest in the 100% online training option offered by OpenClassrooms. You would like to start a specific path but do not have the prerequisites to access the training?

Don’t worry about it!

You can start your chosen diploma if you have an equivalent level.
To do so, please complete the Validation of Professional Qualifications (VAP) form to demonstrate that your professional and personal experience has enabled you to acquire the knowledge needed to start your chosen training path.
We will ask you to submit :
- A description of your motivation to join the selected training path via a 2 minutes video.
- Your updated résumé.
- A copy of your ID card.

Your application will only be valid if you complete all the form questions.

The admissions team will come back to you within 72 hours after submission. If your application is accepted, you'll be able to continue the admission process.

Best regards,

The OpenClassrooms Admissions Team